Who, What, Where

Who we serve

Sunshine House works primarily with the most marginalized individuals in the poly drug using community in Winnipeg. Our target clients include :

  • People who inhale solvents
  • People living with HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis-C
  • People who are newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis-C
  • People who are marginalized and vulnerable to addictions, STDs and who have mental health issues
  • People in town for medical appointments (visitors who need support services)
  • People who are homeless (transient folks and travelers)
  • People living with a mental disability
  • People living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

What we do

Sunshine house is a community-based resource centre that works to increase the health and well being of the marginalized, homeless, poly drug user community in Winnipeg.
We provide programs, services and educational resources focused on the prevention of chronic and infectious diseases.

Sunshine House acts as a bridge between socioeconomic status and cultures by being a place where clients and volunteers are accepted as they are and provided with opportunities to learn and grow.

Where we work

Sunshine House is open to anyone who lives in Winnipeg or is travelling through town. In practical terms the geographic neighborhood served by Sunshine House is the “Downtown area” bordered on the North by the CPR line; on the South by the Assiniboine River;  St. James Street on the west, and the Red River on the east. The area includes significant thoroughfares of Portage Avenue, Main Street, Sherbrook Street, Maryland Street, and McPhillips Street.