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A Glimpse of Sunshine at Winnipeg Fringe!

The Sunshine Bunch is headed for the Fringe Festival! A Glimpse of Sunshine is an exploration of self-discovery. The show (genre: Unclassifiable!) features drag queens, spoken word, dramatic re-enactments and some puppets! Come see your Sunshine faves in a truly singular stage production at Club 200!


WED, JUL 17 @ 8:30
SUN, JUL 21 @ 8:30
MON, JUL 22 @ 8:30
TUE, JUL 23 @ 8:30
WED, JUL 24 @ 8:30
THU, JUL 25 @ 8:30
FRI, JUL 26 @ 7:00
SUN, JUL 28 @ 8:30

Venue: Club 200 (190 Garry St.)
Length: 60 Mins
Tickets: $12 (On Sale Now!)
Door Discount: $10 Students|Seniors|Fringe Performers, Friends of Sunshine House

Content Rating: Parental Guidance
Warnings: Coarse Language|Violent Content|Sexual Content|Nudity

The Drag Taco Sale Returns!

Taco BANNER.png


The queer royalty from the Sunshine Bunch will be delivering bannock tacos, pop, and fried bannock to your centrally-located place of work or home! All proceeds benefit the Third Annual Two-Spirit Pow Wow, June 1 at the Forks.

The deadline to order is Friday, May 10, and Taco Day is Thursday, May 16!

Once again we have mapped out the boundaries of our delivery zone (see below in the order form). We will also have two delivery windows to choose from (11:30-12:30 and 12:30-1:30).

NEW THIS YEAR: We now have a $25 order minimum.

We look forward to seeing you!!


The Second Annual Two-Spirit Pow Wow, June 2, 2018


Seven drums. Sixty dancers. Hundreds of relatives, friends and supporters. It was a cloudy day at the Forks National Historic Site, but we paid no mind to the drizzle outside the tent! Inside, the beat of the drum kept feet moving and spirits high.

A pageant was held to select the 2018 Two-Spirit Ogichidaa/Ogichidaakwe. Here are the winners, Sky Peebles and Brielle Beardy-Linklater (who also served as the Pride Parade Grand Marshall on Sunday).


Thank you to everyone who made this a wonderful day — dancers, drummers, sponsors, contributors to our crowdfunding campaign, volunteers and staff.

See you next year!

La Macha 2018

On Saturday May 12th, in the spirit of Paris is Burning, Like That @ Sunshine House together with QPOC Winnipeg threw the second La Macha Ball at Ace Art! An unforgettable evening of queerness! This year featured seven categories, no chill: 

1. Team Walk – Choreographed runway walk (2+ people)
2. WIG! – First Time in Drags at a Ball
3. Mother of the Bride Realness
4. Father of the Bride Realness
5. I’m So Into Voguing Right Now – Amateur Vogue
6. Taking the Kids to the Library – Reading
7. Post Apocalyptic Couture

In attendance to judge and perform was Manghoe Lassi!

 Check out some highlights in the video above — clips courtesy of QPOC Winnipeg and Jody Lee!

The 2nd Annual Two-Spirit Pow Wow Needs You!


Last year was a great success because of incredible community support and we are looking forward to another amazing celebration this year, hosted by Like That @ Sunshine House and the Two-Spirited People of Manitoba. This Pow Wow is the only one of its kind in the territory known as Canada, and it brings hundreds of people together to dance and sing — we invite you to be a part of that as well.

The organizing committee of this event is completely volunteer, and to host this event according to Pow Wow protocols we need to fundraise $20,000. This unique Pow Wow showcases the gifts of Two-Spirit people to the world and we are calling on the wider community to financially support this incredibly powerful and exciting event.


Donations of $25 or more can request a tax receipt. All donors will receive special recognition at the Pow Wow!

If you or your organization is interested in a sponsorship or advertising in the Pow Wow program, please email

Drag Taco Sale 2018 = SUCCESS


We didn’t know if it was going to happen. The whispers were heard across central Winnipeg, from Sherbrook Street to Selkirk Avenue. “Will the Queens return? Will they deign to descend and deliver to us delicious bannock tacos?”

The Queens heard the call of the people and so they agreed: Friday, April 20 would be the appointed day that the Drag Queens of Like That would bring the people tacos, all to raise funds for the upcoming Second Annual Two-Spirit Pow Wow on June 2.

Thank you to all our friends and supporters who ordered tacos to be delivered homes and businesses, churches and barbershops, rec centres and workshops and the Legislative Building, too!

Thank you to all the volunteers who hustled to get 500 pieces of bannock out on the roads and into people’s mouths!

If you missed out on the sale but still want to support the Two-Spirit Pow Wow, you can donate to the event any time at this link: