Past Programs



Automotivate is a project that engages homeless and street-involved adults in a social enterprise initiative to restore and sell vehicles.  Sunshine House has received two donated vehicles which require restoration.  Working with a program coordinator and certified mechanic, Automotivate participants will repair these vehicles, have them safetied, and then sell them.  The profit from the sale of these vehicles will then be re-invested in the program so that more vehicles can be procured and restored. As a result of participation in this program, participants will gain skills in practical automotive assessment and repair, along with increased confidence in their capacity to undertake complex work. We are thrilled to announce that funding for this project has been committed by LITE!

Read the Automotivate blog, written by program coordinator JD Ormond, with fantastic photos from Winnipeg photographer Chris Friesen!

Solvent Users’ Recreation Project (SURP)

In November 2012, Sunshine House partnered with Mount Carmel Clinic to pilot an 10-month recreation program created exclusively for the solvent using community. The goal was to enhance participant’s quality of life, while seeking to improve participants’ gross motor function, physical activity, and expand formal and informal social supports.

SURP Overview Booklet; read about the project and course modules:
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SURP Overview 1-Pager:
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Our Funders

The full SURP evaluation report is now available for review:
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SURP Evaluation Fact Sheet 1-Pager:
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This program was generously funded by Mount Carmel Clinic and Neighbourhoods Alive.

Lit Up


Lit Up is an initiative that aims to create literacy-based programming for street-involved individuals. A three month pilot program, funded by a Major Outstanding Outreach Award from the University of Manitoba, and support from Dr. John Wylie (Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba) and Dr. David Mandzuk (Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba), Lit Up has the goal to “to provide a program for people to engage with various forms of communication.” We look forward to seeing how the pilot unfolds, and how the Lit Up program can respond to the literacy needs, abilities, and interests of the participant population.

We also acknowledge the support of Hunter & Gunn whose generous donation funded the “World Café”; a conversation about literacy and communication that Sunshine House hosted with potential Lit Up participants in September, 2013. The results of the World Café have been very valuable in guiding Lit Up program development.