About Sunshine House

What is Sunshine House?

Sunshine House is a community drop-in and resource centre focusing on harm reduction, population health promotion, and social inclusion. We are a gap-filling organization that works with folks in under-served populations, providing programming that fulfills people’s social, community, and recreational needs. We use a harm reduction approach in our programming, meaning that people come as they are, and are not expected to be ‘clean’ or sober.646logan

We provide harm reduction supplies such as crack pipes, syringes, tourniquets, cotton balls, spoons, condoms (internal and external), and lubricant. Sunshine House is one of the few organizations that lets people help themselves to supplies, so no one is required to ask staff to access them.

Harm Reduction Supplies

Who do we work with? Many of our participants are street-involved, homeless or insecurely housed, and some are affected by HIV and/or Hepatitis C. We also build relationships with families in our neighbourhood by holding community events such as a free summer BBQ and our weekly Sunday brunch, and we have recently launched a program for people exploring sexual and/or gender identity.

What types of programming do we offer? Sunshine House programming is participant-driven! We do not deliver programming in a typical, top-down fashion. Rather, we develop programming alongside participants, and adapt it as we go along, based on participant feedback. This collaboration not only results in great programming, but creates a sense of ownership over Sunshine House, and camaraderie among all Sunshine House stakeholders. Click here to read more about our programs!


Guiding Principles

Sunshine House has successfully engaged with participants by providing a space and programming where everyone is welcome, without judgement.  The values and principles used to guide our work are:

  • Acceptance
  • Inclusion
  • Respect
  • Confidentiality

Mission Statement

Sunshine House acts as a community resource, addressing determinants of health for the benefit of the neighbourhood and poly drug users who are entirely or mainly homeless.


To create a place where people can grow.

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