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Managed Alcohol Programs Report is here!

MAP Cover

Following a months-long community consultation process, Sunshine House is pleased to release the Managed Alcohol Programs in Manitoba Feasibility Report.

Managed Alcohol Programs seek to improve the health, wellness and safety of people who use alcohol chronically, are experiencing homelessness, and who often use non-beverage alcohol. MAPs provide access to safer, beverage alcohol to minimize the varied potential harms associated with chronic alcohol use.

The report — authored by Margaret Bryans (RN BN) presents the findings gathered from from Peers, community members, public health workers and researchers. The report also provides context from the history of MAPs in other parts of Canada, and emphasizes the importance of using an Indigenous lens to address harms associated with substance use, using a decolonized Trauma-Informed approach.

The report also provides recommendations for immediate, short- and long-term steps to be taken toward establishing a MAP in Manitoba, as well as clinical and staffing recommendations within varying funding parameters.

We invite you to download the report at the link below:

2018 Managed Alcohol Programs in Manitoba Feasibility Report